May 16, 2019 — 18:00

Multilogues on the Now: Monstrosity, Desire and Death

👉Monstrosity, Desire and Death 👉Margrit Shildrick and Kateřina Kolářová in Conversation 👉Moderated by Hana Janečková

As a part of Multilogues on the Now: Technologies of the Body, Monstrosity, Desire and Death is a chance to join in discussion with the ideas of leading feminist scholar Margrit Shildrick, who will be in conversation with Kateřina Kolářová. Margrit Shildrick (Stockholm University) has written on themes as wide ranging as psychoanalysis, science and technology studies, the ethics of touch and theories of the monstrous. Kateřina Kolářová (Charles University) is a Czech scholar of disability, crip and queer studies, affect and bioethics, with her most recent research dealing with histories of HIV and AIDS in the state socialist and post-socialist Czecho/slovakia, and feminist queer crip analysis of the postsocialist transformation. In this conversation, moderated by Hana Janečková, a curator and theorist, Shildrick and Kolářová will focus closely on ideas that link monstrosity with desire, and euthanasia with the politics of dying in global capitalism.

This evening is a part of Multilogues on the Now: Technologies of the Body exploring our bodies as spaces of interaction between gender, technology, race and power structures. It questions the limits and barriers of bodily autonomy, produced and maintained through those conditions, while opening up discussion around radical approaches to care and intergenerational solidarity.