Jun 15, 2017 — Sep 30, 2017

Multilogues on the Now: On Health (tranzitdisplay)

On Health, the first issue of the series Multilogues on the Now, seeks to question hegemonic narratives, normative patterns, and the marginalised discourses and invisible practices connected to ideas of health, sickness, dis/ability, cure, therapies, treatment and medicine(s) in late-capitalist society. We are interested in positions, practices and theory ranging from the social to the individual, from institutional to self-organised, from academic to artistic, from theoretical to practical, and from local to translocal.

From self-maintained health clinics to dealing with diseases both individually and in the community, from the medicalisation and pathologisation of the human condition to a social model of physical and mental alterity, from social healthcare movements to institutional medical care, from pharmaceutical industry mechanisms to (bio)political relations connected to cure and treatment ... all types of bodies and minds are invited to interact, join and influence the program.

The issue On Health will include physical arrangements in space that will allow for the accommodation for differently abled people.

Curated by Zuzana Jakalová and Display – Association for Research and Collective Practice Conceptual Collaboration: Kateřina Kolářová, Zbyněk Baladrán Spatial concept: Barbora Šimonová a Markéta Mráčková, http://cosa.cz/ Production: Hana Šťastná, Ondřej Kozák Graphic design: Tereza Hejmová Translations and text editing: Martin Micka, Phil Jones

MULTILOGUES ON THE NOW Multilogues on the Now is a series of thematic events conceptually addressing and spatially elaborating the realities and potentialities of the Now. Through analysing, discussing, planning and producing the performative, structural, strategic and intersectional aspects of our day-to-day life, the series seeks out a variety of current discourses and practices capable of interrogating and formulating possible strategic scenarios for the critical acquisition and construction of the Now. Multilogues on the Now will take on different forms, ranging from artistic interventions and performances, via generative design-based discussions, meetings, lectures, workshops, to knowledge and practice exchanges, publications etc., and will involve a wide range of participants.