Sep 21, 2020 — 14:00

Radio Montez New York Happy Antibodies 2

Happy Antibodies

Four mini-episodes - audioworks / made specifically for Colour Eating, Exhibition as an Episodic Story Audioworks by Chooc Ly Tan, Tangu (Minh Thang Pham), Denisa Langrová and Kateřina Konvalinová. Curated by: Hana Janečková

Using domesticity and confinement of the Covid era as a material, Happy Antibodies is a continuation of the Colour Eating exhibition as an episodic story currently running at Display Prague ( The podcast embraces domesticity, low fi, pop tunes and eastern european meditation workouts in search for ideas of sustenance, support and survival in the pandemics.

We consider Antibodies as something that contributes to a building of immunity, resistance and self defense. They can be understood as Ursula le Guin's carrier from the Theory Bag of Fiction, they are something always present but often ignored, yet protecting and saving life. They cannot be imagined simply as something natural, as they emerge as a response to the sense of a threat, infection and danger. Associated with a vulnerability of the body, antibodies's excess can kill as much as cure us. Happy Antibodies podcast is an attempt at antibodies domestification, a post pandemic visit into spaces of home, conveyed as a memory in sound by artists working from queer, feminist and diasporic positions.

Podcast includes works by: Chooc Ly Tan: Kepler 183 feat Remix 3′19″; Tangu: How to Sell an Egg 3′26″; Denisa Langrová: White Flag 3′35″; Kateřina Konvalinová feat. Jana Chmelařová: I love the way you move. 27′21″

Artists Bios:

Chooc Ly is an Afro/Vietnamese/Cambodian artist, DJ and producer. Not limited by a specific genre – but a penchant for infectious music and audacious novelties. Her DJ sets forge astral connections through spectrums of high-voltage electro through to fusions we haven't found names for yet. She recently played at The Tender Interval, at the ICA, London; Swallow in Los Angeles; Chale Wote Festival in Accra, Ghana; the Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland; Queering Now, London; and Regenerative Feedback at WORM Rotterdam. She also runs the London platform Décalé that puts on evenings of experimental, collapsing and flawless sounds/visuals. Décalé means: ‘Being displaced in space and time.’

Minh Thang Pham (1996), born in Hai Phongu, has lived in the Czech Republic since the age of two. Exploring the subject matter of uprooted-ness and a loss of ethnic identity through his own family relationships are the most pressing issues of his practice and an ongoing concern of his video and performance work. His recent projects include a site-specific installation in a vietnamese-owned corner shop, solo exhibitions at Á Space in Hanoi and Off Format Gallery in Brno, CZ.

Denisa Langrová (1996) studies at UMPRUM (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague). Her work is channelled through inner and outer spaces reflecting and examining the personal as political and vice versa. The subject matter of her work is ecofeminism, interspecies relationships, utopia and love, drawn from fairy tales, myths, songs and internet culture.

Kateřina Konvalinová (1991) video and performance practice can be described as an autobiographical fiction based on personal experience and amateur research of interpersonal/interspecies processes and relationships. She focuses on minor life ‘revolutions’ like falling in love, first LSD experience or bad trip and on the physical and mental condition of the current society, where therapeutic tools might function as ruptures to the status quo.

Hana Janečková is a curator, theorist and artist currently living in Prague, based at Display Association for Collective Practice ( and as a researcher and lecturer at the Centre for Audiovisual Studies FAMU, Prague and UAL London. Her research investigates the politics of the body in contemporary art and feminism. She was a co-founder and editor of London (2010–2015), editor for FlashArt (CZ/SK) and her writing appeared in Frieze, Springerin, Romboid, A2, Block magazine, Contradictions and many others.