Aug 31, 2020 — 19:30


Legends is the closing live event of Display’s summer programme Colour Eating focusing on performance, music and dance. Inspired by the idea of the oceanic feeling described by theorist and poet Jackie Wang, the event looks at social gatherings such as dance or protest as a tool for collective euphoria and sharing. Wang is interested in the feminist critique of Sigmund Freud's psychonalysis, where the oceanic feeling is considered a regression. Legends is an attempt at restaging a space where such a feeling is celebrated and politicised. Join us on the 30th of August 2020 at 19:30 at Display for a spectacular dance performance Legends by artist Kateřina Konvalinová & collective, and an experimental DJ music set by Afro/Vietnamese/Cambodian performer and artist Chooc Ly Tan.

19:30 LEGENDS Legends is a premiere of the dance performance about the birth of a dance gang performed by Kateřina Konvalinová, Jana Chmelařová, Kateřina Konvalinová, Sára Märcová, Markéta Slaná a Natálie Vacková.

Made by: Jana Chmelařová, Kateřina Konvalinová, Sára Märcová, Markéta Slaná, Natálie Vacková Music by: Jana Chmelařová

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DJ music performance by Afro-French-Cambodian performer, artist and DJ Chooc Ly Tan

Chooc Ly Tan is an Afro/Vietnamese/Cambodian artist, DJ and producer based in London. Not limited by a specific genre – but a penchant for infectious music and audacious novelties. Her DJ sets forge astral connections through spectrums of high-voltage electro through to fusions we haven't found names for yet. She recently played at The Tender Interval, at the ICA, London; Swallow in Los Angeles; Chale Wote Festival in Accra, Ghana; the Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland; Queering Now, London; and Regenerative Feedback at WORM Rotterdam. She also runs the London platform Décalé that puts on evenings of experimental, collapsing and flawless sounds/visuals. Décalé means: ‘Being displaced in space and time.’ Instagram@chooclytan

Kateřina Konvalinová (1991) video and performance practice can be described as an autobiographical fiction based on personal experience and amateur research of interpersonal/interspecies processes and relationships. She focuses on minor life ‘revolutions’ like falling in love, first LSD experience or bad trip and on the physical and mental condition of the current society, where therapeutic tools might function as ruptures to the status quo.

This event is part of the summer project Color Eating, an exhibition as an episodic story.

Colour Eating is curated by Hana Janečková in collaboration with Marie Lukáčová & Display.