Jul 18, 2021 — 18:00

Film screening: SOA (by Raquel Castro)

Facebook event

Soundscapes, silence and noise, all sound spectra, from infra to ultrasound, frequencies and rhythm. But also, ecology, citizenship, equality and urban policies. From listening as a catalyst for transformation and sounds that are part of our everyday life places. How the soundscape affects us and how we are responsible for the sound we generate?

For several years, sound artist and documentary filmmaker Raquel Castro recorded interviews with sound artists, soundwalkers and sound theorists concerning the role of sound and listening in human life, as well as about the education towards improving our aural literacy. SOA was premiered last year and at this event, it will be introduced for the first time to the Czech audience.

Raquel Castro is a sound artist and filmmaker. Among other films, she directed the documentary Soundwalkers which was screened at various conferences of sound art and documentary film festivals. Raquel is the founder and director of Invisible Places International Symposium and the environmental sound art festival in Lisboa SOA.