Feb 22, 2024 — 19:00


For this screening event, Kino Palestine at Display features six short films by five Palestinian filmmakers spanning the last two decades. The showcase aims to shed light on life and resistance from Palestinians all over Palestine and the diaspora. Palestinian representation in film serves as an image of strength, of struggle, and of future liberation.

In light of recent events in Palestine, Kino Palestine seeks to counter victimizing narratives, confront censorship efforts, and provide a clearer, empowering vision of Palestine. The initiative is a collective effort to amplify Palestinian voices and stand in solidarity with all victims of systemic oppression and occupation. We believe that vision, however, is unattainable without an immediate ceasefire and an end to the genocide that threatens the very existence of the Palestinian people and culture.

This selection of short films presents a diverse range of works and stories by Palestinian authors, shown in some of the top film festivals around the world, including filmmaker Annemarie Jacir’s 2003 Cannes debut Like Twenty Impossibles, the winner of the 2016 Student Oscar, the short animation Ayny, and the new short film by Rakan Mayasi, The Key, a political-fantasy thriller which premiered last year at SXSW.

All movies have only English subtitles. Free entry

Home Movies Gaza (Basma Sharif, 25’, Experimental Documentary, 2013) House (Ahmad Saleh, 4’, Animation, 2012) Ayny (Ahmad Saleh, 11’, Animation, 2016 Like Twenty Impossibles (Annemarie Jacir, 17’, Drama, 2003) When Light is Displaced (Zaina Bseiso, 6’, Documentary, 2021) The Key (Rakan Mayasi, 19’, Thriller, 2023)