Tiqqun — podklady pro teorii Dívky

The Girl is currently the most deluxe commodity on the perishables market; the flagship among the fifth-industrial-revolution goods; the one that sells all the others, from life insurance to nuclear plants; the monstrous but very real dream of the most brassy and whimsical of salesmen: an autonomous type of goods that walks, speaks, and silences; finally a living thing that doesn’t take possession of life, but instead devours it. Three thousand years of incessant toil of a billion plump chandlers, generation after generation, find in the Girl their ingenious climax, for she is goods that cannot be burned; that multiplies on its own; she cannot be purloined, she is non-transferable ownership that still costs money; a virtue that is constantly monetized, a whore that commands respect; a death that rolls around in itself; she is both the law and its enforcement… Who has not glimpsed, in her definite and sombre beauty, the smallest flash of inorganic sex-appeal?

Display - association for research and collective practice, University of Ostrava - Faculty of Arts, 2019

Price: 200CZK

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As part of a grant project for specific higher education - SGS 2018