Iné telá.txt

Iné telá is a collection of autobiographical, politcal and academic essays by four women* who experience social stigmatization and discrimination based on their physical impairment or for the chronic illness they live with. With texts by Johanna Hedva, artist Carolyn Lazard and researcher Alyson Patsavas and Daniela Komanická and an introductory essay by Hana Janečková and Zuzana Jakalová.

Iné telá are the first book of the new edition compiled by Display - Association for Research and Collective Practice, slovak engaged monthly Kapitál and artistic collective APART. The .txt edition presents essays that respond to current artistic and social trends that, despite their urgency, do not have significant representation in neither Czech nor Slovak context.

Display, Apart, Kapitál, 2018 (Available in Czech and Slovak only)