Aug 6, 2020 — 18:30

Book Launch of Bez súhlasu.txt and Performative Lecture by Alex Sihelská a Ester Grohová

6:30pm The launch of publication Bez súhlasu.txt

Bez súhlasu.txt is the fourth book in the Czechoslovak edition .txt published by three subjects, Display - Association for Research and Collective Practice, cultural monthly Kapitál and artistic collective Apart. In the form of original essays, Bez súhlasu.txt elaborates discourses of sexual violence and rape culture - a collection of stories, ideas and attitudes that are maintained in our communities with the goal to both condone and excuse perpetrators of sexual violence and to silence people who experience or point to sexual violence.

7pm Performative lecture No Consent by Alex Sihelská and Ester Grohová

How do we reflect the experience of trauma and sexual violence and what role we play in the rape culture? In a poetic and autobiographical performative lecture, Alex Sihelská will discuss the way we might think about trauma and what it means to be a survivor of sexual violence. The performance will be supported by Ester Grohová’s live sound and it will be followed by discussion.


Alexandra Sihelská’s practice explores current forms of witchcraft and its practice aiming to recover its knowledge, which is based in environmental sustainability and gender questions. Based in anti-capitalist feminist critique of patriarchy she also focuses on issues of sexual violence, silencing and nurturing of rape culture as a socioeconomic issue. She was born in Zvolen but currently studies at CAS FAMU in Prague.

Ester Grohová (1992, Praha) her multimedia works are influenced by post-internet and the latest technologies and the way they affect physical and mental wellbeing and the way they intersect with gender and feminist perspectives and their sociopolitical contexts. Her soundworks are based on field recording and sound design, acoustic ecologies, musique concrete and space immersion qualities of sound.

The event is a part of Prague Pride.