Apr 17, 2024 — Jun 9, 2024

Zákon zachování násilí

Just as families cannot live on debt and risk foreclosure, neither can the government, the Chair of the Chamber of Deputies, Markéta Pekarová Adamová, said on the radio last year. Regardless of the inappropriateness of such a remark, many families are living just like that. And so it is appropriate to ask: How does one live with unpayable debt? How does one live with someone who has an unpayable debt? And how does one live in a society where a significant part of it is affected by such a debt?

Against the backdrop of such questions, the exhibition tests the law of conservation of violence, originally formulated by sociologist Pierre Bourdieu. According to him, the structural violence of the financial markets, exercised in the form of layoffs, loss of security or bad loans, will sooner or later manifest itself in the form of suicide, crime, substance abuse and many other everyday acts of violence. And so it is appropriate to ask: Can such a law be broken? And who can afford it?

The exhibition is realized with the support of HMP and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic