May 13, 2021 — Jun 30, 2021

Wom*n – Rose – Song – Bone

Can plants feel pleasure and pain? Thinking beyond flowers as decoration or ornament, this exhibition reflects on the complex relationship between the eroticism of plants, botany and the body. Plants’ sexuality stands, like queer and trans bodies, in opposition to modernity's orderly impulses. Using poetic technologies – sound based works, drawing, moving image and sculpture – this exhibition will make you see, hear and feel plants from an intergenerational and multispecies position.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an event programme looking at the idea of sentience of plants and the possibilities of artificial intelligence in our understanding of erotics of plants and interspecies communication. You can also look forward to a live programme of screening, performance, and poetry at the botanics garden in Albertov in late June - dependent on the pandemics regulations.