Oct 6, 2016 — Nov 27, 2016

The Exhibitions Common Harvest, work in progress and Biosemiotic Borneo (opening 6. 10. 18,00), Fotograf Festival #6

Common Harvest, work in progress / Fernando García-Dory, Tamás Kaszás, Asunción Molinos Gordo, Tomáš Uhnák

Curator: Mariana Serranová

With some exaggeration, the Common Harvest project is “art as a branch of agriculture.” The gallery installation is but a fragment of the wide-ranging research and fieldwork by a group of engaged artists who have spent a long time working with the themes of agriculture, the globalized food market, cooperatives, access to land, and related areas. Their work involves the principle of participation and the organizing of social events that confront the spheres of culture and agriculture. The exhibition at the Tranzitdisplay Gallery presents standalone projections and installations based on earlier research, made using a diary approach that allows us to see the process behind their creation.

Biosemiotic Borneo / Ursula Biemann, Nabil Ahmed

Curator: Mariana Serranová

Drawing attention to the semiotic processes of world-making in nature, the audio-visual work explores how artists and field biologists go about sensing and making sense of dense forest ecologies of Borneo using new methods that describe entire genetic assemblages as fluid text. The sensory richness of the forest inspired this piece to be a form of music in the way geophilosophy recasts natural selection as musical composition, which binds together the coevolution of a tree, birds, insects and symbiont microorganisms.