Dec 14, 2022 — Feb 19, 2023

Turn up, time of my life, go up in fire

🎄🎁✨13 December 2022: Opening + Christmas party ✨🎁🎄

Display Association for Research and Collective Practice presents the curatorial project Turn up, time of my life, go up in fire. It examines the politics of gathering and festivity – such as rave, celebration and political protest – and under what conditions it can be experienced as freedom but also its limitations, such as carcerality and exhaustion. Tracing the ways that bodies come together, it considers belonging as a world-building and shared affective practice. What are the ways in which belonging is formed, controlled, and restricted?

Live program: Performance: burn, on fire, alight, inflamed, glow, ablaze, fervent, go up in smoke Olia Sosnovskaya 16 February 2023

Event: Autonomy and Queering Techno: Noah Brehmer and Lost Property Press (Lithuania) 17 February 2023