Feb 25, 2021 — Apr 30, 2021

Towards A Black Testimony, Part 2: Terrain

Towards a Black Testimony

Please join us for Towards A Black Testimony, Part 2: Terrain, an exhibition project that examines the notion of Black Testimony through facilitating caring networks and artistic dialogue across Black diaspora. Exploring multiple ways of relating to Black artists’ personal experiences, it critically addresses the issues of visibility, representation and participation of Black people at Czech art institutions.

Towards a Black Testimony is an ongoing project by the London-based artistic and curatorial duo Languid Hands. Using the film Towards A Black Testimony: Prayer/Protest/Peace as both artwork and curatorial note, the project brings together artists, thinkers, writers, listeners and speakers to respond to the ideas in the film and to explore the complexity of Black testimony through their own experience. The four part iteration at Display, Prague engages the practice of Black artists in the Czech Republic as a response to the film.

Curated by Hana Janečková and Zuzana Jakalová (Display) and Imani Robinson and Rabz Lansiquot (Languid Hands) it is presented across exhibitions, moving image, text, performance and public programming and includes works by Languid Hands, Natalie Perkof, Yvonne Vácha and MELANINKIDS.

An important part of the project was Part 1 Orientation - an online screening of Rabz Lansiquot’s film where did we land (2019) and the residency of two Afroczech artists, Natalie Perkof and Yvonne Vácha at MeetFactory. For Part 2, this exhibition includes their work from the residency, which can be viewed as a response to the themes of Towards A Black Testimony: Prayer/Protest/Peace, their meeting as artists, and to ongoing dialogue with Languid Hands. In a new moving image made by Natalie Perkof and Yvonne Vácha, the Senegalese dance becomes a tool for enacting a collective shared memory.    The exhibition project will be accompanied by two more stops on the map: an online discussion—Towards A Black Testimony Part 3: Vectors—with Languid Hands, Natalie Perkof and Yvonne Vácha in April 2021 and Part 4: Landmass, a series of online intervention by the Afroczech community MELANINKIDS.