Apr 24, 2022 — 17:00

Overcoming the Tradition of Silence 2 - Presentation, listening to music and glossary

How to explore, destabilize and decentralize the white privilege in spaces where comfort and ease of white people is prioritized – for example an art institution or a university? We are going to discuss and work on how to expand our resilience as much as the emotional capacity needed to do this work responsibly. We want to imagine spaces that centre a lived experience of everyone and their own experience as a matter of fact. What can we dream about together when we are to imagine a common future? The lecture will be followed by a discussion and shared music listening. One of the key aims will be to reflect on the perceived idea that is impossible to step out from the mechanisms reproducing the white supremacy. We want to show how such thinking culminates in cultural, intellectual, and sometimes a physical racial segregation. The most important aim of the program is to explore possibilities of collaboration, in which inter-racial dialogue is a generative, hopeful, convergent, and liberating practice!

This program is open to all. Please come on time.

This program is led in Czech.

Overcoming the Tradition of Silence* I and II. is programme of workshops, talks, discussion and sharing facilitated by Zeynab Gueye and Tereza Silon, in conceptual collaboration with Hana Janečková & Display.

The program is a part of the long-term project of Display, which focuses on issues of race in contemporary Czech art institutions, launched by Hana Janečková and Zuzana Jakalová in 2019.