Apr 21, 2022 — 16:00

Overcoming the Tradition of Silence 1 - White is a colour, too

The workshop led by Tereza Silon is an invitation for white people to explore their position and complicity in the racist structures of the society. We will ask why we, as white people, pay so much attention to issues of “otherness” in antiracist discourses. Let’s put it this way: how many shades and flavours does white identity have? What does unreflected whiteness have to do with, for example, fat phobia or gender normativity? What are the limits of white empathy? In what way does the lack of awareness of our own “whiteness” with its all other intersections play out in our bodies, the way we speak and think about the world? How can we explore, unsettle, and decentralize the white privilege in spaces where comfort and ease of the white people is always prioritized? Working with joy, we are going to practice expanding our resilience and emotional capacity needed to do this work responsibly. It may be from time to time personal, uncomfortable and a bit sticky, but also humanizing.

The workshop is intended for white people and it will be led in Czech.