Apr 20, 2022 — 16:00

Overcoming the Tradition of Silence 1 - ‘I speak in first person’

This workshop facilitated by Zeynab Gueye will mostly focus on the way in which Black people can care for and celebrate themselves in the predominantly white society. Working together with participants, it will map how Black people experience Blackness in Czech contexts. We will ask, how and through what means we identify with our Blackness and what it means to us. In shared discussions we are going to reflect on the idea of colorism, internalized racism, and gendered and class aspects of the race. We will work to create collaboratively a group glossary of words, ideas, and terms which we wish our Blackness to be associated with. Its ultimate purpose should be sharing resilience, self-care, and joy, in which we can support and inspire each other, along with herbal tea or optional massage.

This workshop is intended for Black people and it will be led in Czech.

This programme is part of Overcoming the Tradition of Silence*, facilitated by Zeynab Gueye and Tereza Silon, in Conceptual Collaboration with Hana Janečková & Display.