Apr 8, 2021 — 19:00

Towards A Black Testimony, Part 3: Vectors

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Display cordially invites you to Towards A Black Testimony Part 3: Vectors, an online artist’s talk by London-based artistic and curatorial duo Languid Hands (Rabz Lansiquot and Imani Robinson). Languid Hands will discuss their film and curatorial project Towards a Black Testimony: Prayer/Protest/Peace that examines Black Testimony as obscured, ignored and undermined. Drawing on archival imagery, Black geographies, and the dying declarations of Black Martyrs, it explores the complexities of truth, empathy, justice, the law, life and death for the Black Mass. The talk will be followed by a conversation between Languid Hands, Natalie Perkof and Yvonne Vácha, who both created artistic responses to the film.

Languid Hands is a London-based artistic and curatorial collaboration between Rabz Lansiquot and Imani Robinson. Their work is informed by ongoing explorations in Black and queer studies, Black creative practice, Black liberatory praxis and queer methodologies.

Natalie Perkof is predominantly interested in the study of materials often working with photographs and installation in her exhibition projects. On this occasion she has focused on her diasporic experience of growing up in Southern Moravia in her large scale artworks and objects.

Yvonne Vácha graduated from UMPRUM and currently lives and works in Prague. In her creative practice she draws on her diasporic experience of the Senegalese roots. Yvonne is a painter, actress and dance performer currently working through notions of migration and representation of Blackness with a vivid, energetic and highly prolific painterly output.

You can watch Towards a Black Testimony film with Czech subtitles from April 6th to April 10th here